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Beginner Code Champ 4

TechGig conducting a #marathon #competitive #programming challenge Beginner Code Champ 4 starting from 15th Oct 2017. The objective of Beginner Code Champ is to challenge the talented and creative minds in competitive programming with some interesting algorithmic problems.


  • There will be only 1 coding problem.
  • Candidates can participate for a maximum of 5 times. Only your best score counts!
  • You will be able to access the problem statement once you click the “Solve Problem” button.
  • The Problem Statement page has a Live Coding Environment where you can code and compile your code.
  • Once you are done writing your code, a default test case will be used to check your code.
  • In case your session expires before finishing the test, you can re-take the test. Your test will resume from where you left off, and the total time will reduce by the duration of your previous attempt.
  • Winners of the contest will be chosen solely on the discretion. Please ensure to update your profile and contact details.
  • The winners of this challenge must have an experience of 0 to 2 years only.
  • In order to claim your prizes, your TechGig profile must be completed more than 70%.

First Prize: Rs. 10,000
Second Prize: Rs. 5,000
Third Prize: Rs. 3,000
Top 10 will also win Rs. 500 (Prizes will be E-Vouchers of Amazon)

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